In the past 24 hours, you might have experienced an issue where you are unable to print a receipt after making a sale in Store v3. The receipt may have appeared to you only as a blank window.

We have investigated this issue and found that it was caused by changes in the latest version of the Google Chrome. You might now know this but the Chrome browser auto-updates to its latest version even without any prompt from you.

The latest Chrome version changed the way windows behave when you switch tabs–when you open a new tab, the old tab you were previously in stops loading. This caused the issue where it freezes the Store v3 page when the printing window is opened, thus affecting both printing and the way v3 worked.

We have solved this issue by adding a delay on opening the print window. this allows v3 to finish its process first before opening the print window.

You do not have to reset your cache or reinstall v3 to get this fix onto your Imonggo account. Just do the following:

1. Click the options button on the top-right of Chrome (the three vertical dots)


2. Then go to More Tools > Developer Tools.


3. Then in the Developer Tools window, go to Application > Clear Storage then find the Web SQL checkmark. Uncheck it.


4. After your have removed the checkmark on Web SQL, click the Clear Site Data button in the same window.


5. Your Store v3 page should now download the update and you should now be able to print a receipt.

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to send us a message.