Why is your store’s window display important?

An ordinary window display doesnt really provide much value for your store. However, with the right design and presentation, it could make your store stand out and invite customers to come in with just a quick glance.

This summer season, attract new customers to your store by giving them a fun, summer themed experience with your display. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Beach

Imonggo Beach

Of course, summer wouldnt be complete without a trip to the beach. While this theme can be seen as common or clich, its still a suitable way to tell customers that Summers Here! with just one look.

A beach theme never fails to shout sky and sea, so make sure to have a refreshing blue background for your display. If it isnt possible to use real sand for the floor of your display, you can always use a vivid orange fabric to represent it. Some other beach essentials could include propped-up surfboards, beach balls (hanging or on the ground), folding chairs, and toys or cut-outs of sea creatures as props.

  1. Sailing

Imonggo Sailing

A simpler look that you can use for your display is the sailing theme. It may use less color, but is still eye-catching nonetheless. Although constructing a boat as a prop may not be feasible, you could substitute it with paper cut-outs, fabric, or even canvas as sails. Add a couple of oars, life preserver rings, or even a steering wheel, and the result is a strong sailing motif.

  1. Hawaiian Luau

Imonggo Hawaiian

If you prefer vivid colors and a livelier setup for your display, then maybe a Hawaiian Luau theme is suited for you. This setup is always a good choice to catch the attention of passers by, but be careful not to overload too much on the clutter!

A good way to keep your display balanced is to have a wooden background with a pop of color here and there. Arrange your dcor around your products, so that it wouldnt grab too much attention away from them. Minor elements that you could use are flowers, tropical fruits, and maybe a torch here and there (all artificial, of course!).

  1. Picnic

Imonggo Picnic

If you want your visuals to be more low-key, you could opt for a picnic themed display instead. With the summer heat closing in, its always good to have a fun outdoor picnic thats perfectly capped off with a pitcher of lemonade. To capture this refreshing setup, dont forget the signature red and white tablecloth, along with a picnic basket and some utensils. Throw in some flowers and balloons to complement the setup, and youre good to go!

  1. Camping

Imonggo Camping

A camping theme can give you a younger, fun, and kid-friendly vibe, if thats your brands personality. To start off, you could setup a tent and some outdoor chairs. Summer camping also includes gathering around a fire and roasting marshmallows, so it would be good to include a campfire and some snacks as props.

Once you decide on a theme, it’s important that you stick to it, since too many different motifs might clash and leave an impression of clutter and chaos. Make sure to change your display once summer has ended, to keep it fun and interesting!

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