There are several reasons why foot traffic to your store may not be as high. Your business may be in a bad location. Or, competition may be tough and other businesses in your area may be winning.

The worst reason, though, is that your storefront is not attractive enough. There are many easy ways to turn your store around to the best place in town, so a business owner has no credible excuse for this. For example:

  1. Hold the door open. Passersby may not come into your business just because your entrance has a closed door. These potential customers will be more confounded if if your door is made of solid wood that’s hard to open and impossible to see through. If it’s not in the budget to replace the door, you can just consider leaving the door open, so more people will feel welcome to walk in.
  2. Make a good sign. Your store’s name can make or break your business, so make sure that it’s noticeable. Need tips on how to make an eye-catching sign? Four things to consider when making a sign for your store.
  3. Put a red carpet at the door. Nothing says “walk this way” more than a red carpet on the floor. Your potential customers will feel like royalty, and may even spend a little bit more because of the acknowledgment. Can’t afford a red carpet? A red welcome mat will do.
  4. Play some music. Lure your potential customers in with their favorite hits. But how do you pick the tunes? Check out our tips here: How to use music strategically in business

Do you have other tips? Share them in the comments.

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