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Kits and compositions have arrived

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Good news! The new product sets feature is now available in Imonggo’s version 4. This feature allows you to create groups of products so you can can sell them all in one click.

There are two types of product sets, and the difference has to do with how it controls inventory.

Product type: kit

The first is the kit. The kit has its own inventory, which means you can count how many kits or product sets you have created prior to selling them.


This product type is applicable for product sets that are sold pre-packaged. An example would be holiday gift baskets, where you take several premium items, like wine, cheese, grapes, pasta and more, and place them into a basket. You are able to count how many of these you can make and display in the store, so you should be able to control its inventory.


Follow this link to learn how to create kits

Product type: composition

The second is the composition, which does not have its own inventory. Instead, its composite, the items that make up its parts, retain their own inventory. When you sell a composition product, the inventory of the composite items get reduced instead.


This product type is applicable for sets that you cannot create prior to the sale. An example are food plates that you assemble at the time that the customer orders for it.


Follow this link to learn how to create composition

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