//How to track gift certificates in Imonggo

How to track gift certificates in Imonggo

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Our new feature lets you track the status of your store’s gift certificates or gift checks. Here’s how to use this premium feature:

How to create gift certificates

A. First, activate it in Settings > Premium Feature Settings.


B. Once you have activated the feature, you should be able to see a new Gift Certificates tab in Office.


C. Click the New Gift Certificate button to create your gift certificates.


D. Enter the details of the gift certificate in the resulting dialog box.


  • Gift certificate prefix – Choose a short two or three-letter code for this set of gift certificates.
  • Quantity – Choose how many gift certificates you want to produce for this set.
  • Name – Type the name of this set of gift certificates.
  • Reference – Then type the reference number or code of the set of gift certificates. You can leave this blank because this is optional.
  • Value – Add the redeemable value of the gift certificate. This should be an amount, not a percent.
  • Remark – If you have any more details about the gift certificate set, you can type it here.
  • Expiry – Set the expiry date of the gift certificates.

E. Click Save to see the list of gift certificates that have been created.


As you can see, 20 gift certificates were created. They all correspond to the value that was entered in the previous dialog box.

After this, you may now design and print gift certificates to hand out to your customers. Need help with design? You can use free design software like Canva.

How to redeem gift certificates in Store

You need to use Store v3 to be able to redeem the gift certificates.

A. After clicking the checkout button in Store v3, you have to choose the Gift Certificate payment type. Type the Gift Certificate No. (GC No.) of the gift certificate that the customer is trying to redeem.


If the gift certificate is valid, its amount should reflect in the field beside the Pay button.

If the gift certificate payment is not yet enough, Store v3 will ask for another payment. You can enter another GC No. if the customer has another GC.

B. Once you have finalized the transaction, You should see the gift certificate listed in the details of the Sales Invoice (in Office > Sales Invoices).


C. Clicking the GC No. in the sales invoice would allow you to see more details about the gift certificate.


D. The gift certificates that are used up should also show the status Redeemed in the Gift Certificates tab in Office.


Invalid Gift Certificates

To avoid fraud, Store v3 will check the validity of the gift certificate after you enter its code during the payment process.


This is the warning if the gift certificate has previously been redeemed.


Here’s the warning if the gift certificate is not in the system.


This is the warning if the the gift certificate is expired.

Other things to note

  • When you void an invoice that was paid for using a gift certificate, the gift certificate will not be reactivated. It will still have the Redeemed status because the gift certificate would have already been received or defaced by the cashier. Please issue a new gift certificate with a new GC No. instead.
  • Store v3 allows you to accept more than one gift certificate in a transaction. But if you do not want that to happen, just make it a store policy that you only accept one gift certificate per transaction, and inform your cashier about this policy.

What do you think of this new feature? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below.

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