//How to create sales promotions in Imonggo

How to create sales promotions in Imonggo

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With this new Imonggo feature, you may schedule a group of your items to go on a discount, if you want to offer this sales promotion to your customers. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Office. You shall see a new button called Promotions.

Office - Promotions

2. Then click the New Promotion button to create your promotion.

New Promotion

3. Fill up the next form.

Promotions Form

These are the fields that you have to fill up:

  • Name: Choose a short name that can easily describe your promotion.
  • Discount Rate: Choose a discount rate that you will give for this promotion.
  • Remark: You can describe your promotion further here.
  • Start Date: The date when your promotion will begin.
  • End Date: The last day when the promotion will be valid.
  • Discount applies to: You have two options here. You choose All Products to apply the discount rate to all products during the promotion date, or choose By Tag to just apply the promotion to a group of items.
  • Tags: Add the tags here if you chose By Tag in the previous field.

If you choose By Tag, make sure that the items you want to give discounts to are properly tagged. For example, I chose the tag nintendo so I added this tag to items I want to discount for the promotion: Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo tags
Now, if I add these two items in a transaction in Store v3, the discount should automatically be applied.

Store v3 promotionsYou must also remember a few pointers:

  • The membership discount and promotion discount do not add up. Instead, the membership discount overrides the promotion.
  • In the same way, two promotions do not add up. Instead, it is the only promotion with the higher amount that takes effect.

What do you think of this new feature? Do you want to try it out right away?

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