//The Imonggo Sales Dashboard 2.0 has arrived. Here’s what’s new.

The Imonggo Sales Dashboard 2.0 has arrived. Here’s what’s new.

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The new Imonggo Sales Dashboard 2.0 is the new mobile partner for your business. It gives you a better overview of the day-to-day data of your store with more comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports, right on your phone.

Here’s a comparison between the old Dashboard, which we released in 2015, to the Imonggo Sales Dashboard 2.0.

Can you see that its filled with more information? Here are a sample:


  • The previous version only lets you see Total Net Sales. Now you may see three other options: Total Invoices, Gross Sales and Total Taxes.reports-options-on-dashboardYou may see these options on a per day, per week or per month basis, just like the Total Net Sales data.


  • You may also now see an Hourly Report option, which allows you to see the live performance of your business.

You may download the iPhone app on the App Store:

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