//How to create a purchase order

How to create a purchase order

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A purchase order allows you to monitor your purchases from suppliers and other inventory sources. Here’s how you can make one in Imonggo.

Turn the feature on

First you have to turn on the feature on. This is only available for premium users, so you can find the setting in Settings > Premium Feature Settings. Find the Purchase Orders feature, turn it on and click Save.


Creating a Payment Term

Next, you must create payment terms. Go to Settings > Payment Terms and click the New Payment Term button.


Fill the fields in the succeeding dialog and save it to record your desired payment term.


Creating a Supplier

Now you can create a supplier. First, go to Office > Suppliers, then click the New Supplier button.


On the next dialog, fill in your supplier’s details. Then click Save.

Once you have a supplier, you can already create purchase orders.

Create a Purchase Order

Go to Stockroom > Purchase Orders and click the New Purchase Orders button.


In the next screen, add the items you want to order, and enter the Supplier Name and the Target Delivery Date. You can leave the Reference and Remark fields blank. Click Done.


On the next screen, you shall see the new purchase order listed as Pending.

Approve a Purchase Order

You or another user can approve the pending purchase order. Note that only Owner or Manager user levels can do this.

Open the purchase order by clicking the number or the date. Check the details of the purchase order and click the Review & Approve button if they are correct.


This shall take you to a screen where you can review the items in the purchase order. You can change their quantity and discount before clicking the Approve button.


You shall then see the purchase order listed as Approved in the next screen.


Receiving the Purchase Order

Open the approved purchase order to receive it. Then you shall see a Receive Goods dialog where you can input the actual quantity of items. You can also add the reference number and a remark before clicking the Accept button.


After accepting, you shall find see that the quantity has been added to the item as a Receive from Supplier transaction.


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