//Announcements: discount memberships, subtotal printing, and GST

Announcements: discount memberships, subtotal printing, and GST

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We have a quick update for you. There’s two small modifications that we have rolled out today, July 6.

  • First, we have updated Store v3 to reflect the state of a customer’s expiry to a membership group. When a customer reaches their expiry date, they won’t anymore receive points or auto-discounts. You have to be on Store v3 for this to work. Store v3 has other benefits, so make sure to switch to this Store when you can.
  • Second, we have added a subtotal line on the printed invoice.

This is in support of our customers from India, where the GST tax system just rolled out. The subtotal line is an exclusive requirement for this new rule, but we rolled it out for all customers just the same. We think everyone can benefit from this one.

Lastly, we’re on our way to release Imonggo’s new beta version. In less than a month, you’ll be able to experience a more modern Imonggo, with more features than ever before. Want to see a preview? Tell us and we’ll make it possible. We’re excited to hear your thoughts.

Questions? Comments? Email us at hello@imonggo.com or talk to us via our livechat, by clicking the blue button on the lower-right. We’re here to listen. (MC)

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