//We have already made such long strides, but we’re just getting started.

We have already made such long strides, but we’re just getting started.

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Imonggo 2016 Mid-Year Report

Our promise to make Imonggo great again continued at the start of this year, when we continued rolling out much-awaited features that you have requested.

Our central goal during all these is to be closer to our userbase. We want to listen to what you have to say, and act as quickly as we can to apply it to our software.

Thus, our biggest launch yet is our true 24/7 support system. Our chat support channel ensures that we are available to help you at all times. We are even proud to say that our recorded median response time is just 6 minutes.

The chat support channel also lets us foster a more intimate connection to you. We assure you that we take note of all your comments and suggestions, and you can actually follow us up on that. Your comments are saved in the chat system and you can go back to it for reference.

We are also listening on all major social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Through these channels, we can bring you the latest news about Imonggo, and then you can give your immediate feedback.

Another huge feature is our partnership with Stripe. Through Stripe, you can already pay for your premium subscription direct to your credit card.

Most of the issues with subscription over the years are due to some Paypal errors, so this capability to bypass Paypal is a good thing.

A similar partnership that we are happy about is with Mercury/Vantiv. Through this integration, you can already process credit cards through secure EMV technology. Mercury/Vantiv is offering a $500 incentive for those that sign up now. Ask us how.

Other helpful features that we have launched along the way are the ability to set an inventory re-order point, invoice search, product deactivation, cost of goods summary, and changing your Imonggo screen’s color scheme.

You can also use our new mobile apps, like Imonggo for iPad, and the Imonggo Sales Dashboard for both iOS and Android.

These developments make Imonggo’s growth accelerate. It brings us joy to think that Imonggo is now lighting up stores in 1186 cities worldwide, from the skyscrapers of New York City to the beaches of Surabaya, or the sandy paradise of Cairo.

We’re so excited about all of these locations that we wish we can be there right now and visit. But since teleportation is not yet possible, perhaps you can just show us? Send us photos and videos of your stores, and tell us your own Imonggo story and we’ll be happy to promote you on our blog.

There’s still six more months before we close 2016, and we know that we have much much more work to do before we can light fireworks. As always, please guide us to the direction we should head to. Talk to us if you have comments and suggestions; we’re happy to listen.

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