//How to send receipts through email

How to send receipts through email

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Imonggo recognizes the need to care for the environment. Instead of printing receipts, users can now e-mail them instead. This removes the energy needed to power POS printers, and reduces the consumption of paper.

Follow the steps below to know how to.

A. You may e-mail receipts by opening the invoice itself and clicking the e-mail button. This method is available for free and premium users.

  1. Go to Office.
  2. Go to the Sales Invoices tab.
  3. Find the particular invoice and open it.
  4. Click the e-mail button.


5. Input the e-mail address and click send.


B. You may also e-mail the invoice automatically once the sale completes by using Store v3.

  1. Click the i (information) button.


2. Put a check mark on the E-mail receipt option to show the e-mail field.

3. Type the e-mail address and close the information pop-up.


4. The invoice will automatically be sent to the customer once the sale is completed. (MC)

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