How to create a purchase order

A purchase order allows you to monitor your purchases from suppliers and other inventory sources. Here’s how you can make one in Imonggo. Turn the feature on First you have to turn on the feature on. This is only available … Read More


How to clear your cache and cookies in Chrome

There are times when your Imonggo Store is not working properly, and it may be caused by faulty browser cache. If this happens, it is time to reset the cache. Here is how you can clear cache (and cookies) in … Read More

Xero Update - Imonggo

Xero integration version 2

Good news! We have upgraded Imonggo’s integration with Xero. The update includes: Xero tracking, which lets you create a category so you can group together sales of similar branches. For example, you can group together sales of all kiosks and … Read More

Imonggo.com - Plug In Your Business on Facebook

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to put your business on Facebook

Facebook is an amazing platform that lets businesses promote themselves and connect to their customers. It’s also free to set up, and cost next-to-nothing to manage. And yet not all businesses have a page on Facebook. Many entrepreneurs are anxious … Read More

Imonggo system update July 6 2017

Announcements: discount memberships, subtotal printing, and GST

We have a quick update for you. There’s two small modifications that we have rolled out today, July 6. First, we have updated Store v3 to reflect the state of a customer’s expiry to a membership group. When a customer … Read More

Imonggo Downtime-01

Attention: Server Maintenance Schedule

Heads up! It’s that time of the year again when we work to upgrade our servers. This process will be conducted overnight: Start: June 27, 9PM PST End: June 28, 5AM PST You can use this Time Difference Calculator to convert … Read More

Summer Imonggo

Five Tips to Prepare Your Store for the Summer

So what’s exciting about summer? It’s the time to finally go on memorable adventures, after months of being cooped up in the house due to the cold weather. Many people will be out and about, and not mind the sweltering … Read More

Imonggo Screenshot2-01

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Previously, we talked about the procedure on how to take a screenshot on a Windows computer. Screenshots are important so the support team can properly inspect what you are seeing. This time, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to take … Read More

How to take a screenshot on Windows

There are moments during the support process when we ask for a screenshot of your Imonggo screen so that we can assess the issue more accurately. Every Imonggo user’s experience is different, so letting us view Imonggo from your perspective … Read More

Imonggo Earth Day_blog-02

Celebrate Earth Day with these 4 eco-friendly tips for your store

This year, Earth Day falls on a Saturday. So this weekend, take a little time to reflect on how to make the environment a little better for everyone. These efforts need not be monumental; you can do little things that … Read More