Hardware Guide

Imonggo Hardware Compatibility Guide

Imonggo can readily work without any extra hardware; however, it still supports receipt printers, cash drawers, magnetic card readers, and barcode scanners. Since Imonggo is a web-based application, its support of hardware is through the browser and operating system.

POS Receipt printers are specialized printers used to print tape receipts. Instead of paper sheets, they use paper rolls, which are more cost-effective. POS printers are also faster than regular printers, printing at an average speed of 8 inches per second.

Most POS printers either use dot-matrix or thermal transfer printing technology. Thermal printers are faster and more cost-effective since they do not require ribbon replacement. On the other hand, dot-matrix printers can print on 2-ply paper. This allows you to keep a duplicate copy of the receipt. Thermal printouts also fade over time or when exposed to heat.

Popular brands of POS printer include Epson, Star Micronics, IBM, Samsung, Ithaca (Transact Technologies), Cognitive, and Citizen.

Imonggo is compatible with any model of printer, provided that the printer comes with an appropriate software driver for your PC and operating system. Imonggo communicates with the printer through the browser and the software driver.
A cash drawer is a compartment underneath a cash register where the cash from transactions is kept. The drawer typically contains a removable till. The till is usually divided into compartments used to store each denomination of bank notes and coins separately to make counting easier.

Imonggo supports cash drawers through POS receipt printers. This means that cash drawers have to be connected to the receipt printers. Through the receipt printer software configuration, you can set up cash drawers to open every time the receipt printer prints the receipt.

Technically, Imonggo will support any brand or model of cash drawer that can be connected to your POS receipt printer. Your POS receipt printer must support the connection of a cash drawer.
A magnetic card reader can be used to read credit cards, debit cards and customer membership cards.

Most magnetic card readers behave like keyboards and will recognize the encoded information once you scan the card. They don’t normally require additional software to be installed. Imonggo will only support magnetic card readers that behave like keyboards (or operate in keyboard emulation mode).

To test if your magnetic card reader is working properly, you can open Notepad (in Windows) or TextEdit (in Mac) and try to swipe a magnetic card. If you are able to see a string of text, then your magnetic card reader is working properly.

If you are using certain Magtek card readers that are shipped in HID mode, you need to download software from Magtek to reprogram it to Keyboard Emulation mode for it to work.
Imonggo does not directly support the following hardware as they will require programming in specific operating systems, which will make Imonggo platform-dependent. For barcode printing, you need to purchase a barcode label printer. Independent barcode label printing software are also available.

  • Pole Display
  • Barcode Printer

Barcode Scanners

We recommend handheld barcode scanners that can connect to your computer through USB.

Motorola LS2208

Motorola DS4208

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 5.43.31 PM

Invoice Printers

We recommend invoice printers that have proper Windows, Mac or Linux drivers. If you can do a test print after installing the printer driver, you can use it with Imonggo. Please purchase the printers with USB interface.





Cash Drawers

We recommend generic cash drawers that interfaces with the invoice printer.



MMF MMF-VL1616E-04


Card Readers

We recommend simple card readers that interface via USB, and can be connfigured to keyboard emulation mode.



ID Tech IDMB-334112B


Please note that the above hardware are only examples and you can still purchase other brands and models. You may use any brand and model of the hardware above as long as their drivers are properly installed on your computer. Imonggo interfaces with the browser so it relies on the drivers installed and your computer to connect to the hardware.

If you’re unsure about your next hardware purchase, you can talk to us on support and we can help you find the best for the price.