How to Set Up Initial Inventory

With Imonggo, you don't change the inventory quantity directly; instead, you record a transaction that will either increase or decrease the quantity.

Basic Setup

accordion initial inventory

  • To increase inventory, go to the Stockroom and click the Transactions tab.
  • Use Receive from Supplier or Adjustment In to increase inventory.
  • To decrease inventory, you can use Return to Supplier or Adjustment Out.
  • To adjust the quantity of items to a specific count, use Physical Count.
  • A Sales Invoice transaction at the Store will automatically decrease the quantity of the item sold.

If you are a premium subscriber, you can also upload your initial inventory by using the upload feature at the Control Center. You can prepare the upload file using Excel and by saving it as CSV format. Sample CSV files for upload can be downloaded from the Upload Page.

  • Go to Control Center, and click Upload Tool.
  • In the Upload Tool page, choose Upload Products.
  • Choose Bulk update or create products to first upload your master product list.
  • Click Upload
  • Perform another upload by choosing Bulk Update On-hand Quantities.
  • Click Upload.

The reason why you need to upload twice is that the initial upload updates the product definition, while the subsequent upload updates the quantity only. The uploading of product definition updates the entire system, while the uploading quantity can be applied to a specific branch (in case you have multiple branches).

The Uploading of Quantity will also not change product details such as name or retail price. You can use the Uploading of Quantity from time to time to adjust your physical inventory. Every Uploading of Quantity will also create a Physical Count transaction which makes it audible. The document is viewable from the Transactions tab at the Stockroom.