One feature that Imonggo subscribers always ask is an inventory alert feature, which should notify users when an item’s quantity is going low and they need to re-order.

Imonggo Inventory-Alert

The new Low Inventory list is the first step towards achieving this feature. It allows you to set up a threshold that will serve as the quantity in which the item prompts the user to re-order it. Items that have reached that quantity should then show up in the Low Inventory tab.

This feature is available for both free and premium users.

To set up a re-order threshold, just edit the item (by clicking the item name) and enter a number under the Minimum Quantity field.

Imonggo minimum-quantity

Once the quantity of the item reaches the set level, it will show up in the Low Inventory listing Stockroom -> Inventories.

Imonggo low-inventory

Low Inventory Shawl

As you can see from the above screenshot, the item Rosa Shawl only has 9 left in the inventory, so it shows up on the list.

You may even download the list into a CSV file, or print it out so you have an offline record. (MC)

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