Last week, we talked about the procedure on e-mailing invoices to your customers. On this post, we’ll talk about how you can set up a return e-mail so that the customers can reply to you.


By default, the sending e-mail of the invoices that your customers receive is

Our support team has reported that continues to receive replies to invoices. The contents of these e-mails go beyond the mere ‘thank you’ — there are inquiries about products and additional services. Since these e-mails do not go to you, you are losing the opportunity to further engage with your customers.

Here are the steps on how to change the sender’s e-mail address to your preference.

1. Go to Settings by clicking the gear button on the upper-right.
2. Go to Manage Account/Branches.

Imonggo Settings Manage Account
3. Click Store Settings.

Imonggo store-settings
4. Enter your preferred sender e-mail address under Mailer. Your customers will see this e-mail address as the sender when they receive the invoice in their mailbox. If they reply to the invoice, this e-mail address will also be the recipient.
5. You may also add another e-mail address under the ‘send extra copy to’ field. You will be able to receive extra copies of the sent invoices in this e-mail address through bcc.

Imonggo mailer

This way, you may monitor all the invoices that you have e-mailed to your customers.

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