Imonggo invoice search

There are moments when you need to look for a previous invoice for several purposes. For instance, you may want to process a return or you want to merely check your records.

The new invoice search feature makes this process easier. This feature is now available for premium users.

The invoice search field can be found in the Sales Invoices tab in the office. To search for an invoice, just type the matching reference number of the invoice and press Enter.

Imonggo searching for invoices

Again, the reference number that you type in the search field should match the reference number of the invoice that you are searching for.

The reference number is assigned by Store v3, Imonggo’s offline Store, each time that you finalize a sales transaction. If you are not using Store v3, your invoices will not have a reference number so you will not be able to search for them.

Store v3 is only available for premium users. As such, the new invoice search feature is available only in premium. (MC)

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