There are times when PayPal fails to renew your premium subscription because there might be an issue with your credit or debit card.

PayPal will try to charge two times in the span of two weeks before your premium subscription gets downgraded to free, and you will get a notice in your email each time it fails to take your payment.

There are several reasons for this issue, but the best way to know is to call your bank account to ask if there are issues with the debit or credit card connected to your PayPal account. If the bank can resolve the issue, then you won’t have to do anything.

However, there might be a need for you to change the card connected to your PayPal account. Here is how:

  1. Log-in to your PayPal account and click Profile.

Imonggo Paypal Subscription 1

  1. Go to My Money and click the Update link under Debit and credit cards.

Imonggo Paypal Subscription 2

Imonggo Paypal Subscription 3

  1. Click the Add another card button. Add your credit or debit card on the next screen.

Imonggo Paypal Subscription 4

  1. After adding the card, you should see it listed on the next screen. Click Profile again.

Imonggo Paypal Subscription 5

  1. Go back to My Money and click Update under My preapproved payments.

Imonggo Paypal Subscription 6

  1. You should see a list of your subscriptions on the next screen. Click the Imonggo subscription you want to update.

Imonggo Paypal Subscription 7

  1. The next screen should show you the status of the subscription. It will also show why the charging failed, and the date when PayPal will try to charge again. Make sure to update the payment source before this date.


  1. Scroll down to go to Subscription Funding Source. You should be able to change the debit or credit card under this section. Choose the card that you just added moments ago.

Imonggo Paypal Subscription 8

  1. Your subscription should be okay after you click Update Information. PayPal charge again on the aforementioned date, and it should have no further issues.

Please talk to us at Imonggo Support if you have further questions about this issue.

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