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It is easy to set up printing with Imonggo. You may use a POS printer or a regular printer.

In this post, we will talk about printing receipts with a POS printer.

Imonggo supports any brand of POS printer, which can be thermal or dot matrix. The recommended width of the POS paper is 80 mm, and the height depends on the length of the receipt being printed.

To turn on printing, just go to Office -> Control Center -> Customize Invoice Printing.

Imonggo customize-invoice

In the next screen, choose the option that says: “Yes, print using POS printer.”

Imonggo customize invoice

After clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page, you can already start printing invoices after every sale.

If you cannot see the invoice pop up after a sale, you have to check if the pop-up blocker is on in the browser settings. You have to turn the pop-up blocker off so that you can print the invoices.

You can further customize the invoice by adding a header and footer or changing its language. We will talk about this in a later post. (MC)

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