Imonggo is a web-based point of sale that serves thousands of users in 130 countries and territories. It is easily customizable to fit the needs of any business worldwide.

Retailing may be a global phenomenon, but selling has differences from border to border. One of these is the currency. A few examples: the United States has the dollar, Japan has the yen, the Philippines has the peso, and India has the rupee.

Imonggo Currency

Imonggo supports the use of any currency. To change the currency, just log in to your Imonggo account then go to Office -> Control Center. Click the Account Settings link under Manage Account/Branches.

Imonggo Changing Currency 1

Under Number and Currency Format, you’ll see a box indicating Unit for Currency. Change the dollar sign in that box to your preferred currency.

Imonggo Changing Currency 2

When you’re satisfied with the changes you’ve made, don’t forget to click Save so your account will be successfully updated.

It’s so easy it won’t even take you a minute! That’s just how Imonggo likes it — easy and powerful all at once.

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