Getting Started with Imonggo

As a practical business owner, you want to focus all your time and energy on generating revenue for your business. And because you want to sell your products immediately, you trust that Imonggo—the Easiest POS on Earth—will take care of keeping track of your sales, providing you with accurate business feedback, and letting you stay on top of your business. Staying ahead of the competition has never been this easy.

Take a Tour and Explore

To get you started, you may want to view the 3-minute video below that will show you the basics of running your business with us. Then you can explore Imonggo by going through every page and clicking every button. Create sample products, test sales—don’t be afraid to play with your new-found business tool. You can always reset your account when you are ready to enter real data.

Basic Setup

Setting up the tax rate is very important. Tax rates vary depending on the area where your business operates. For some countries, the sales tax is computed simply by using a straight percentage. In Australia, for example, the sales tax rate is pegged at 10%. Other countries, meanwhile, have multiple taxes, like in Canada, where a general sales tax of 5% is charged on top of a provincial tax rate, which ranges from 0-10%. Some products (like cigarettes and liquor) can also have their own taxes.

Imonggo’s tax support is very flexible and powerful. It can support single tax or multiple tax rates. It can also support tax rates per item, as well as tax exemptions for certain items and customers. It can even support location-based tax if you have multiple branches.

Setting up is also very intuitive. Just go to the Control Center located at the Office and click Manage Tax Rates to explore how to set up your tax.
Do you want to print a receipt for your customers?

You can use a regular printer or POS receipt printer. If you have not purchased any POS printer before, the variety and features of POS printers available might confuse you. The most important thing is to make sure that the printer has the software driver for your operating system. Imonggo is web-based; therefore, it will depend on the operating system to do “talking” to the printer.

The more popular printer for Windows is Epson, and for Mac is Star. Please click here for more information about POS Receipt Printers Compatibility.

With Imonggo, you can customize your receipt format. Choose to add your company name, address, TIN (Tax Identification number), and your store’s tag line in either the receipt’s header or footer. You can also attach a logo. By default, automatic printing of receipt is disabled. You can enable it from the Control Center -> Customize Invoice Printing.

After you enable invoice printing, an invoice preview window will always pop up every time you complete a sales transaction. It’s important to note that you should configure your browser to allow pop-ups from your Imonggo website; otherwise, printing will not work.
You might also choose to use a cash drawer to secure your cash. A cash drawer is a compartment underneath a cash register in which the cash from transactions is kept. Cash drawers have to be connected to the POS receipt printer for it to work. Make sure you purchase the correct cash drawer. Please click here for more information about Cash Drawer Compatibility.
A barcode scanner is optional but very useful when you have hundreds or thousands of items. Instead of typing the stock number or barcode to search for an item, you can now scan the barcode label of the item. A scanner simply behaves like a keyboard as it will read the barcode number and automatically type it for you. Please click here for more information about Barcode Scanner Compatibility.
With Imonggo, you don’t change the inventory quantity directly; instead, you record a transaction that will either increase or decrease the quantity. For premium subscribers, you have the option to upload your initial inventory quantity from the Control Center -> Upload Products.

  • To increase inventory, go to the Stockroom, click the Transactions tab and use Receive from Supplier or Adjustment In.
  • To decrease inventory, you can use Return to Supplier or Adjustment Out. – To adjust the quantity of items to a specific count, use Physical Count.
  • A Sales Invoice transaction at the Store will automatically decrease the quantity of the item sold.

Now you are ready to operate your business. But before selling your products, be sure to clean up any sample sales and stock records you have done while testing Imonggo. Go to Control Center and click Manage Your Account, then click Reset Transactions or Reset Transactions and Products. You should also double check the prices and descriptions of your products at the Stockroom. After that, you are all set to run your business. It’s time to let go of your retailing worries. Let Imonggo handle it.
Setting up card processing for your customers with Imonggo is simple. You just need to apply for an Card Present Gateway account. Once your account is approved, just enter the API key and transaction key provided by into Imonggo, and you are ready to process credit cards of your customers. Please click here for detailed instructions on How to Apply for Account and Set Up Credit Card Processing.

Instead of typing customer’s credit card information, you can also use a magnetic card reader to swipe the card. Please click here for more information about Compatible Magnetic Card Reader.