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Cayotic cool

Mark Cummings has chosen Imonggo’s iPad app to help run Cayotic, a cool motorsports store in the Cayman Islands, and he stands by how effective it is.

“It is super easy to make sales receipts for my cash sales. Inventory is a breeze to add and basically manages it self though the software,” he says.

He also like that he’s not tied to the counter. He can bring the iPad point-of-sale to the customer at any part of the store, cultivating a friendlier atmosphere and better customer service.

Mark adds, “I started using Imonggo in November of 2016 and it has helped my business grow and expand. I really liked all the features and how user friendly it is.”

Company Profile

Mark Cummings of Cayotic uses Imonggo's iPad app

Business Name: Cayotic Motorsports

Address: Savannah, Cayman Islands

Phone Number: 345.926.6855

Website: Cayotic Motorsports

Facebook: @cayoticmotorsports