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Imonggo Earth Day_blog-02

Celebrate Earth Day with these 4 eco-friendly tips for your store

This year, Earth Day falls on a Saturday. So this weekend, take a little time to reflect on how to make the environment a little better for everyone. These efforts need not be monumental; you can do little things that … Read More

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Imonggo Premium to Free

Going back to free from premium? Consider these first.

While Imonggo premium is freaking awesome, it’s totally understandable why there are user who would want to go back to free. The business might be seasonal, or there might be a slowdown in sales. Whatever it is, you can go … Read More

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Imonggo Receipt not printing-01

Receipt not printing? Check your popup blocker

So you already set up printing by following the instructions here. But why isn’t it working yet? There is no receipt that prints after you finish a sales transaction. Worry not, because there’s one last thing you can check. To print the … Read More

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Imonggo Make customers enter your store-01

4 creative tips to persuade customers to walk into your Store

There are several reasons why foot traffic to your store may not be as high. Your business may be in a bad location. Or, competition may be tough and other businesses in your area may be winning. The worst reason, though, … Read More

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Imonggo Store v3

How Store v3 works

Last week, we talked about the reasons why you should use Store v3. This advanced version of Store is faster, has more features, and can work offline. Read about it here. One commonly-asked question about Store v3 is how it … Read More

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Imonggo Cayotic-2

Cool motorsports shop zooms with Imonggo iPad app

Cayotic Motorsports is the epitome of cool. The motorsports company in the sunny Cayman Islands has great branding, superior products and friendly staff. Even just their Instagram page oozes awesome. Mark Cummings is the savvy entrepreneur behind Cayotic Motorsports. Last … Read More

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Imonggo Store V3-01

Seven reasons why you should use Store v3

New to premium? Here’s the first thing that you should do: install Store v3, our advanced version that lets you use advanced features that are not available in the old Store. These aren’t ordinary features; many of them will improve the … Read More

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imonggo points loyalty 1

How to create a points-based customer loyalty program

One retail concept that has grown popular over the years is the points-based loyalty program. It is attractive to customers because the points that they earn from purchase can be converted to cash. It is also advantageous to the retailer because … Read More

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Imonggo Tax Exemption-01

How to tax-exempt a sales transaction

There are moments when a sales transaction needs to be exempt from tax. One reason for this is that the customer may be a diplomat. Another one is that the law permits the individual to be exempt from tax–in the … Read More

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Imonggo default payment type

How to change the default payment type

The default payment type in Imonggo’s Store is cash. When you click the Checkout button, you should see that Cash is already preselected. This is so that you can quickly finish the transaction by clicking Pay. But what if majority … Read More

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