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Imonggo Store V3-01

Seven reasons why you should use Store v3

New to premium? Here’s the first thing that you should do: install Store v3, our advanced version that lets you use advanced features that are not available in the old Store. These aren’t ordinary features; many of them will improve the … Read More

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imonggo points loyalty 1

How to create a points-based customer loyalty program

One retail concept that has grown popular over the years is the points-based loyalty program. It is attractive to customers because the points that they earn from purchase can be converted to cash. It is also advantageous to the retailer because … Read More

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Imonggo Tax Exemption-01

How to tax-exempt a sales transaction

There are moments when a sales transaction needs to be exempt from tax. One reason for this is that the customer may be a diplomat. Another one is that the law permits the individual to be exempt from tax–in the … Read More

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Imonggo default payment type

How to change the default payment type

The default payment type in Imonggo’s Store is cash. When you click the Checkout button, you should see that Cash is already preselected. This is so that you can quickly finish the transaction by clicking Pay. But what if majority … Read More

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imonggo Terrariet_loyalty cards_blog

Customer Update: A look at Terrariet’s loyalty program

We first met Terrariet Vissenbjerg in 2015. We lauded this zoo in the heart of Denmark for its conservation efforts–its primary aim is to give a home to endangered reptiles, the least loved species of animals on the planet. And we … Read More

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Imonggo Online Learning

Enhance your business skills with these three online courses

It’s never too late to start a business. Entrepreneurship is applicable to anyone, at any age. You should just have the guts to take the leap, and enough knowledge so you can safely land on your feet. Don’t think that you lack … Read More

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Imonggo New Feature_Invoice Editing

How to edit your invoices

Invoice editing is now available as an experimental feature for premium users. We suggest checking it out now so you can give us feedback. To see this feature in action, go to Office > Sales Invoices. Open an invoice and … Read More

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Imonggo Missing Invoices-01

Why you shouldn’t panic over missing invoices

One issue you might encounter when you use our advanced Store v3 is that there are invoices that are missing on the Sales Invoices page, or that the invoices refuse to sync to your online records. First, do not panic. The … Read More

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Top Customer-01 Imonggo

How to track your top customers

It is no secret: if you take care of your customers, then they will reciprocate and keep your business afloat. And your best ally for this is your top customers, because they already like you so they will be more … Read More

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Imonggo new-years-resolutions-01_final

Four new year’s resolutions for business owners

We’re already settling into to this new year, so why not make the most of it? Sure, you have plans for your business, but do you know how to start? Kick it off with basic resolutions that can help make … Read More

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