//Attention: Server Maintenance Schedule

Attention: Server Maintenance Schedule

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Heads up! It’s that time of the year again when we work to upgrade our servers. This process will be conducted overnight:

Start: June 27, 9PM PST

End: June 28, 5AM PST

You can use this Time Difference Calculator to convert the time for your area.

Why are we doing this? Several users have noticed that they are experiencing slowdown on their Imonggo accounts during heavy tasks like Top Products report or item download. This optimization process will be the solution to that.

Should you be worried? No, not really. You shouldn’t have a problem with missing data or any major error. Your account is safe.

However, please watch out for some brief quirks, like a page loading failure or some server timeouts. We’ll do our best to avoid any service interruption, but if it happens, please do not panic. We’re on top of it.

Got any questions? Just send us a chat and we’ll answer right away. (MC)