//Seven reasons why you should use Store v3

Seven reasons why you should use Store v3

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New to premium? Here’s the first thing that you should do: install Store v3, our advanced version that lets you use advanced features that are not available in the old Store. These aren’t ordinary features; many of them will improve the way you do business. They let you work more efficiently and productively, thereby potentially increasing your daily sales.

Here are seven things that you can use exclusively in Store v3:

  • Work offline – Store v3 lets you continue selling even when your internet goes down in the middle of the sales day. The invoices will be saved in the browser’s cache, and will be synced to the web later on when your internet comes back. Your products and customers are also stored offline, so selling is even more faster than ever.
  • Mark the sale as tax-exempt – Store v3 has a switch that lets you make the whole sale exempt from tax. How? Click this link.
  • Choose a default payment type – Is cash not the chosen payment tender of most of your customers? Store v3 lets you change default payment type so you don’t have to choose every single sale. Learn how here.
  • Accept cheque payments – Store v3 gives you an option to choose Check as a payment type. You can even input the check number
  • Create a customer from Store – You can record new customer information while selling. Here’s how.
  • Pay with points – Use Store v3 so your customers can pay with points. Not yet have a points-based loyalty program? Learn how to set it up here.
  • Finalize layaways without leaving Store – Finally, you can retrieve a list of pending layaways from Store thru a handy button. Instructions are here.

Still not convinced? More features are added to Store v3 every week so you better catch up now or you’ll get left behind. (MC)