//How to create a points-based customer loyalty program

How to create a points-based customer loyalty program

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One retail concept that has grown popular over the years is the points-based loyalty program. It is attractive to customers because the points that they earn from purchase can be converted to cash. It is also advantageous to the retailer because it makes their customer buy more from them — more purchase means more points, and these points can only be used in their store. It’s a win-win.

Do you wish to implement this in your store? Just follow these simple steps.

To turn on customer membership, simply do the following:

Go to Settings -> Premium Feature Settings. Turn on Customer Reward Module and Customer Membership.

Now go to Settings -> Manage Membership Types. Click the New Membership Type button to open this window:


  • Type your preferred name under the Name field.
  • Since you are creating a points-based program, you should leave the Discount field at 0.0%. (Prefer a discounts-based program instead? Go here.)
  • Under Earn points, you can input the total amount the customer has to purchase to earn 1 point.
  • Under Pay with points, you can input the quantity of points that is equal to $1.

In the sample screenshot above, the customer has to purchase a total of $100 to be able to earn a point. Once this customer has the point, he/she can now use the point for another purchase. For example, a purchase of $1000 makes the customer earn 10 points, thereby letting the customer to buy a $10 item in the next invoice.

One more thing: You should be using Store v3 to be able to accept the points as payment. Download it by clicking Setup Offline on top of Store (should be seen when you are using Chrome).

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