//How to tax-exempt a sales transaction

How to tax-exempt a sales transaction

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There are moments when a sales transaction needs to be exempt from tax. One reason for this is that the customer may be a diplomat. Another one is that the law permits the individual to be exempt from tax–in the Philippines, for example, senior citizens are exempt from taxes on their purchases.

That said, Imonggo makes it is easy for you to exempt a sales transaction from tax. Here’s how:

  • Install Store v3. This feature only works for the advanced Store, so if you’re not yet using it, you need to install it ASAP. It is only available for premium users, and can be installed by clicking the Setup Offline link on top of Store (applicable on Chrome and Safari).
  • Click the i (information) button beside the customer field to open additional functions.


  • At the resulting window, just put a checkmark on the Tax Exempt option. Then click OK.


That’s it. Now you can finalize¬†with the transaction.

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