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How to edit your invoices

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Invoice editing is now available as an experimental feature for premium users. We suggest checking it out now so you can give us feedback.

To see this feature in action, go to Office > Sales Invoices. Open an invoice and you should see a new edit button on the top-right of the invoice view. Click Edit.


Then you will be taken to Store v3, so you can edit the invoice details. Please note that only invoices made through Store v3 can be edited. If you’re still not using Store v3, install it by clicking the Setup Offline link on top of Store (link is only available if you use Chrome or Safari).

One other thing: this feature can only be used by Owner level users. It is unavailable for supervisors, manager and cashiers.

What you cannot edit:

Please note that not all details of an invoice can be edited. One handy guideline is that you cannot change at an invoice line level–so you cannot delete an item, add another item, change the quantity or retail price of an item, or add an invoice or line discount.

If you want to do the above, you can just cancel the invoice and make a similar transaction in Store.

What you can edit:

You can add a customer or delete an existing one. But you have to remember that changing the customer details of an invoice would reset the discounts you have previously entered. You won’t be able to put them back, so please be considerate when you edit this field.

You can click the information (i) button to access several fields that you can edit.


You can change the cashier by clicking the dropdown field. You can also change the salesman by clicking clicking its dropdown field.


You can Email this receipt to a customer by adding a checkmark on Email receipt to, then typing the email. The receipt will be sent when you click the Checkout button.

You can make the invoice Tax Exempt by putting a checkmark on Tax Exempt. If it is already checked, you can remove the checkmark to remove the exemption and apply tax.


You can add your notes on the invoice by typing it in the Remarks field.

Once you’re done, just click Done to close the information window. Then click the Checkout button [3] to see the Payments screen.

More things to edit:

You can change the payment type of the invoice in the Payments screen. To do so, click the trash can icon beside the payment listing.

Then enter choose a new payment type. Enter the amount in the amount field and click the Pay button to finalize the invoice. Once done, your invoice is fully edited.

Another thing to note:

There will be a moment when you will see that the final payment has become negative. This happens when you turn on tax exemption for the invoice (see above).

When this happens, do not click the Pay button right away. First, click the trash can icon to remove the payment.


Then you should see that the desired amount will automatically appear in the amount field beside the Pay button [c]. You can choose to change payment type [d], or click the Pay button to finalize editing.

Do you have questions or comments about this experimental feature? Please do not hesitate to inform us about it so we can  modify this feature to your desired specifications. We will appreciate any help that you can give.

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