//Why you shouldn’t panic over missing invoices

Why you shouldn’t panic over missing invoices

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One issue you might encounter when you use our advanced Store v3 is that there are invoices that are missing on the Sales Invoices page, or that the invoices refuse to sync to your online records.

First, do not panic. The invoices are not actually missing; they are cached by your browser and they are just refusing to sync to your online records because of an issue. But they’re there.

Second, make sure that you preserve these offline records so that they won’t disappear before you are able to sync them. To do so, DO NOT uninstall Store v3, DO NOT reset your browser cache ad DO NOT uninstall your Chrome or Safari browser.

Third, contact us immediately so we can inspect your account. We take these issues seriously and we will help you ASAP.

What could be the cause? The most common reason has to do with a deactivated or deleted item on an unsynced invoice. How does this happen? If your computer was not connected to the internet while you are selling, all the invoices will be on a queue.

They will then start syncing one-by-one once the computer connects to the internet. If there are no issues, all the invoices would appear in your Sales Invoices list in under a minute.

But what if there is an issue? The invoice with the issue with then be unable to sync, and the syncing fails altogether.

The most probable issue is that one (or more) items in the invoice has been deactivated or deleted, before the invoice has been submitted to the servers. If you remember the items in the stuck invoice, you can check them one by one to see their status. If one is deactivated, activate it and then see if the invoice will sync.

Do remember that you should avoid deactivating or deleting items in the middle of the sales day. Please do it at the start or end of your day to make sure that this incident will not happen again.

Questions? Tell us in the comments and we’ll be happy to help.

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