//How to track your top customers

How to track your top customers

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It is no secret: if you take care of your customers, then they will reciprocate and keep your business afloat. And your best ally for this is your top customers, because they already like you so they will be more willing to help you promote your stuff.

So it wouldn’t hurt if you take extra care of these big spenders. Treat them like they’re the most special person in the universe; give them shiny treats and rewards that would keep them happy. Before long, they would have invited their friends over, and their new loyalty will increase your sales tenfold.

But how do you know who your top customers are? Easy. Just check Imonggo’s newest report: Customer Basket.

The Customer Basket report ranks your customers based on the total amount of their purchase. You can sort the report by This Month, Last Month or This Year. You can also choose a period.


To go to the report, just go to Sales Reports and click the Customer Basket link.

As always, you can add the customer in Store so that they will appear in the reports. Here’s how to create a customer in Store: How to record customer information in Store

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