//Imonggo is all new. Here’s what’s changed.

Imonggo is all new. Here’s what’s changed.

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We are happy to present to you the brand new look of Imonggo.

This was a long time coming. Imonggo has had the same design ever since we launched it in 2009. It was designed to fit most standard monitors, since widescreen was not yet common. But the reverse is now true, and Imonggo has failed to keep up.

We’re quite thankful to our loyal users from our early years who has stuck with us even if the design looked 2000-and-late. But new users are not as forgiving; in fact, a survey of new signups point out that the outdated design is one of the reasons why they might not use Imonggo for so long.

So the most primary change is that the new design fits most widescreen resolutions. Occupying a greater area of your screen means more information can be shown, and more space for much-requested features on every page.

But what else is new?

  • Settings – Previously, settings is hidden under Office > Control Center, which made some features be hidden to users. Now we have brought Settings to the forefront by making it accessible in one click. Just click the Gear icon on the upper-right to go to Settings.

  • Icons – We have minimized the buttons in Stockroom > Products to icons, for a cleaner design. Stock History, Cost History and Price History are hidden under the first icon. The second icon is for deactivating or activating a product. The third is the delete icon. Where is edit? Just click the item name.

  • List View – The products list is now also available in list view. For what? We think list view will facilitate sorting and mass editing/deletion of items later on. To turn on list view, go to Settings > Manage Account/Branches > Stockroom Settings.

  • Stockroom transactions (Receive from Supplier, Return to Supplier, Physical Count, Transfer Out, Adjustment In, Adjustment Out and Physical Count) now auto-refreshes when you change the cost or quantity. This means that you have less errors when you forget to click the Save button or push Enter on your keyboard.
  • Store v1 and v3 should still have the same behavior, because we didn’t modify it. Selling should not be affected.
  • Office – Now, let’s talk about Office. Previously, you need to click the date of the invoice to view it. Now you only have to click the invoice number. We think it is more logical.
  • Sales Reports – We have improved the look of the graphs in Sales Reports. This is in preparation for the upcoming reports that we will add soon.
  • Customers should now show more entries.

Think we miss anything? Or are you seeing some unusual behavior or bug? Do let us know and we’re happy to find the solution for you.

Please let us know what you think about this new design. We are continually working on improving it, and your comments will lead us into the right direction. We’re here to listen.