//How to print points on the receipt

How to print points on the receipt

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If you use the points-based loyalty feature, you might have encountered a customer requesting to know how many points they have earned so far.

Previously, you needed to view the customer’s record in Office to get this information. With this new update, you can now print the points on the receipt.

Before we continue, there’s something you have to remember: what is printed on the receipt is the points that the customer has before the current transaction. For example, if customer A has 100 points, then he makes a purchase that earns him 5 more points, his total points in the system will become 105. However, the points printed on the receipt will still be 100.

Why? This is because the points feature only works on Store v3, which generates invoices offline. The points are added online, once the offline invoice is submitted to the server.

Here’s how you can set up points printing:

  1. Go to Settings > Customize Invoice Printing.
  2. Click the advanced settings for store v3 link under Invoice Format.


3. Then under Additional Invoice Customizations, add the placeholder {customer_available_points}. You can label it with any preferred term, but we suggest Points before this sale so your customer will not be confused.


4. Once that is done, you can already print points on your receipt. Try it out!


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