//Then and Now: Layaway deposits, customer purchase history and a lot more

Then and Now: Layaway deposits, customer purchase history and a lot more

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Last weekend, we changed how several of our features work. Here are some of them:

1. Handling of loyalty and reward points

Then: Any spent reward points disappears from the customer’s account, even if you cancel that invoice.

Now: When you cancel an invoice that was paid for by points, the points are reinstated to the customer.

2. Product list

Then: When you delete an item, the page markers at the bottom disappear.

Now: The page markers stay on the page at all times.

3. Customer Purchase History

Then: There is no back button, so you have to waste clicks if you opened the wrong invoice on customer purchase history.

Now: There is a new back button so it is easier to find the right invoice under purchase history.

4. Layaway deposits

Then: Layaway deposits are not included in Today’s Sales Summary so some users are confused because the money in their cash drawers do not match.

Now: A new layaway deposits section is added to give a clearer summary.

5. Receipt printing on v3

Then: the professional receipt format for regular receipts are not supported in Store v3.

Now: They are now supported, so print away!

Do you know of other bugs that we can fix? Are there annoying things that you want us to get rid of? Tell us immediately and we just might add it to our next release. We’re here to listen.

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