Amazing new things: points printing and other neat stuff

We have amazing updates, right here, right now. Click the links below to learn more. Ever wondered who the members of a customer membership type are? Now you can see a handy list. Have your customers ever asked you how … Read More

How to print points on the receipt

If you use the points-based loyalty feature, you might have encountered a customer requesting to know how many points they have earned so far. Previously, you needed to view the customer’s record in Office to get this information. With this new update, … Read More

How to download transactions in the Stockroom

Imonggo’s Stockroom gives you several options to control your inventory. Here they are, as a review: Receive from Supplier – Allows you to record the quantity and cost of items that you have bought from your suppliers. Return to Supplier … Read More

Layaways, improved

The layaway feature lets your customers pay for their purchases through several deposits. The feature is available for premium users only. We have done several improvements on the way you can manage your layaways: You can now sort your layaways according … Read More

How to see the members of a Customer Membership Type

Imonggo allows you to assign customer to membership groups that you can customize to give such customers instant discounts at purchase, or points that they can use as cash. Our newest update lets you see the members of this membership … Read More

Check the frequency of discounts with this new report

Something new, right now: you can now check the frequency of discounts made on a particular period by going to our new Discounts report. It also shows you the subtotal for every discount type, and the total amount of discounts. … Read More

Then and Now: Layaway deposits, customer purchase history and a lot more

  Last weekend, we changed how several of our features work. Here are some of them: 1. Handling of loyalty and reward points Then: Any spent reward points disappears from the customer’s account, even if you cancel that invoice. Now: When you cancel … Read More