//How to print price tags

How to print price tags

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There are two methods to print price tags. You can print each barcode one by one, or print more than one barcode at the same time.

Print one barcode

To print a barcode, just go to Stockroom > Products. Find the item, then click the barcode you want to print.


You shall then see a preview of the barcode. Click the Print button to print.


Printing more than one barcode

To print more than one barcode, go to the Price Tags section under Stockroom.


Then search for the name, stock number or tags of the items whose barcode you want to print.


Click the Print button to print all these barcodes.

You can use a regular printer to print the barcode labels above. Want to use a barcode printer instead? The Dymo Labelwriter 450 integrates well with Imonggo. Here’s how to set it up: Barcode Printing with Dymo Labelwriter 450


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