//How to record customer information in Store

How to record customer information in Store

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Smart businesses know that repeat customers are ultimately more valuable than new customers. Sure, you can put down top dollar for promotional efforts to acquire new customers, but it is likely that these customers will just shop in your store once. In contrast, your loyal customers are more likely to shop again and again, bringing you a steady source of revenue.

But how can you ensure that your customers can become repeat customers? Easy. Just take their contact details at the time of their first purchase so that you can contact them later on with promotional details, so they will be enticed to come back.

Imonggo now allows you to take your customer’s contact information while you are selling to them. Here’s how:

  1. In Store v3, type the customer name in the customer field. If the name does not match with previous customer records, you should see a new button appear.

new-customer-add2. Click this button and you should see a popup where you can enter the customer’s details. You don’t have to fill up all of the fields, since all of them (other than the name) are optional. Then click OK.

customer-details3. Then continue the sales transaction. When you have finalized the sale, the invoice will be submitted and the customer will be created in your customers list.

Things to note:

  • This feature is only available in Store v3, our advanced Store that lets you sell offline. If you are not yet using Store v3, you may install it by clicking the Setup Offline link that you can see on top of the Store page if you are using Chrome or Safari.
  • Since Store v3 is only for premium users, this new feature is therefore only available in premium too.
  • You have to finalize the sales transaction to create the customer record. If you do not complete the sale, the customer will not be added to your customers list.

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