//How to check your inventory while selling

How to check your inventory while selling

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The current focus of our development plans here at Imonggo is to find ways to make business easier for you, our loyal subscribers. This new feature is a proof of that.

You may now check your inventory, both in the current branch and in other branches, while you are selling. This is useful so that you know how many of the item are left in your store, or how many of it are in other branches, during or after the sale.

This feature is only available in Store v3, our advanced Store that lets you sell offline. If you are not yet using Store v3, you may install it by clicking the Setup Offline link that you can see on top of the Store page if you are using Chrome or Safari.

Since Store v3 is only for premium users, this new feature is therefore only available in premium too.

Here’s how you can check the inventory:

  1. Enter the item being sold on Store.
  2. At the right side of the item, you should see a new orange button, of a shopping bag with a checkmark.


3. Click this button so that you can see the quantity of the item on all branches. The current branch should be highlighted in grey.


It’s really that simple. What do you think of this feature? Do you think it’s useful for you?

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