//How to subscribe to Imonggo Premium

How to subscribe to Imonggo Premium

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You can now subscribe to a premium Imonggo account using your credit card. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings-> Manage Account/Branches. Only the account owner has access to this page.
  2. Then go to the branch you want to activate. Click the Subscribe Thru Credit Card button.


3. Enter your card details in the next screen, then click Subscribe to finalize. You should see a prompt asking you to wait for five minutes.


4. After the five minute period is up, refresh the page so you can see the confirmation of your subscription. Congratulations, you are now subscribed to Imonggo Premium!


Things to note before you subscribe:

  • If you are already a premium subscriber, please remember to delete your subscriptions in Paypal so you won’t be billed twice for every branch. Follow this link to learn how you can cancel.
  • If you are on your trial period, your credit card will not be charged instantly. It will only be charged at the end of your trial period.
  • If you wish to get an invoice for every subscription, you can talk to us on support so we can generate it for you.
  • You can check the history of your subscriptions in the Billings section of the subscription page.


Our credit card subscription facility is handled by Stripe, a payments platform based in San Francisco. Security is Stripe‘s highest priority. It meets the most stringent industry standards, and each piece of infrastructure and stage of operations are designed with security in mind.

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