//How to cancel your subcription in Paypal

How to cancel your subcription in Paypal

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Canceling your Imonggo subscription in Paypal may feel complicated, but it need not be. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Log-in to your Paypal account and go to Settings by clicking the gear icon on the upper right.


2. Then click the Payments tab on the next page.


3. Click the Manage pre-approved payments button.


4. You should then see a list of your Imonggo subscriptions. Click on the blue link to open one of them.


5. Then scroll to the bottom of the next page to check if you have the right branch. You can see the branch name listed after your account ID. See below:


6. If this is the correct branch, scroll down on this page to find the cancel button. Clean it to cancel the subscription. Done.

You should take note of the following before canceling your subscription:

  • If you only have one branch, canceling your subscription to Imonggo Premium will downgrade your account to free. You can continue using Imonggo but you have to keep in mind the following limitations: you can only create 1000 products in the account’s lifetime, about 1000 transactions lines per month, and a single-user setup.
  • Downgrading to free also makes you lose access to premium features like offline Store, layaway, customer loyalty, invoice download, inventory upload and Imonggo’s mobile apps.
  • If you cancel additional branches (second, third, etc), you will lose access to its data. Make sure that you have backup of its sales and inventory data before you cancel its subscription so you have an offline reference.
  • If you want to re-activate the branch or your premium subscription, just click the Subscribe button in the Manage Account/Branches in Imonggo. (MC)

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