//7 great social media sites for product promotion

7 great social media sites for product promotion

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Social media is the new face of the market. Since everything is becoming more and more digital, most of our interactions are now done over the web. When we are away, we talk to our family and relatives using Facebook. We get in touch with our old buddies through Instagram. We speak our thoughts and proclaim our sentiments through Twitter. Ours is plainly a digitally connected world.

Take both small and corporate businesses for example. If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs today who use innovation to their advantage, then you know exactly what is happening in the retail world. Entrepreneurs are getting more personal with consumers. They reach out to them through social media, the heart of daily interactions. This is, of course, primarily a good thing since brand and customer get to build a personal bond between them. Entrepreneurs could not have lived in a better time than now, when a promising avenue for brand promotion stretches far and wide before them. Outlined below are seven of these great social media platforms that help brands reach the most distant of consumers.

  1. Facebook

Easily known as the biggest among the social media giants, Facebook caters to billions of users. It’s the perfect place for marketers to state their cause. Facebook has a Custom Audiences feature that offers options for targeted marketing. Advertisers can tailor their ads to influence a specific audience. Another feature that can be helpful to businessmen is the Product Ads. This allows marketers to promote their products to different audiences. As Facebook itself puts it, this multi-product ad can underline the different benefits of a single product.

  1. Uncrate

Uncrate is a well-respected digital magazine that features products ranging from cars to books. It is specially designed for men, but it still gets a lot of attention and traffic from all kinds of shoppers. Uncrate is unlike the typical social media sites that accommodate all kinds of retailers and merchandises. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to get featured on this website since it only accepts the most unique and innovative of products — the kinds that appeal to the taste of its classy audience. According to the few lucky brands that got in, Uncrate helped boost their sales big time. To be featured on this website would really be a big break for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs could not have lived in a better time than now, when a promising avenue for brand promotion stretches far and wide before them.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is also a big name in the field. Maybe it’s because of the visual appeal that it poses to users. Twitter thrives because it reinstates the principle that pictures communicate a clearer message than words do. Marketers are using this social media platform to catch the attention of visual people who are lured by pictures. It’s an effective tactic, really.

  1. Pinterest

What is Pinterest for? Some people use it to create their wish lists. A good 93% of active pinners claim, however, that they use Pinterest to plan their shopping methods. This creates a good environment for retail to flourish. Businesses can promote their products with no worries because they are welcome to do so. Plus, pins tend to stick for a longer while so they can be viewed even months after they are first posted. This medium is perfect for both product discovery and promotion.

  1. Instagram

Did you know that more than half of the world’s top 100 brands are on Instagram? That says a lot about how effective Instagram is as a platform for marketing. On Instagram, marketers can share pictures and videos that highlight the top features of their products. They can also run contests to maximize customer interaction. Like on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram makes use of hashtags to get more people involved.

  1. Reddit

Not every marketer understands Reddit, but those who do largely benefit from it. And that is kind of ironic because redditors are the biggest haters of marketers. They just can’t seem to stand advertisements flung to their faces. Infiltrating the Reddit atmosphere can be quite a challenge to marketers who are just in it for the sales, but to those who live in both worlds (marketers/redditors), it’s really very simple. The trick in promoting on Reddit is to blend in with the natives and influence them from within.

  1. YouTube

Despite it being a video-sharing website, YouTube ranked second to Google as the second largest search engine in 2014. The site presents a huge opportunity for traffic, and marketers know that. Many brands are creating their own YouTube channel to promote their products. Think about it, videos for product promotion? Who doesn’t buy that?

We will look more closely on how YouTube can be used in business on our next post. (PA)

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