//How to Deactivate Products

How to Deactivate Products

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Do you have thousands of items, but only sell a few of them because most are already out-of-stock or off-season? When you search for items in Store, do you get annoyed that even the items that you are not carrying anymore keep showing up? What if you can deactivate them?

The above reasons are why we chose to add the Product Deactivation feature.This feature allows you to deactivate items so they won’t show up in Store during search, for a lighter selling experience.

This feature is available for both free and premium subscribers.

To deactivate an item, just click the Deactivate button under the item in Stockroom -> Products.


If the item is active, the icon is an orange checkmark. If the item is inactive, the icon is a gray bar.


Deactivated items will not show up in Store, in the Inventories tab in Stockroom, and in Stockroom Transactions like Receive from Supplier and Physical Count.

Deactivated items will continue to be seen in Sales Reports and in the invoices where it has been previously sold, so you don’t have to worry that your sales reports will look weird.

To activate the item, just click the Deactivate button, which should now shows Activate. (MC)

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