Happy Holidays!

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5 ways to prepare your business for the new year

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How to use the Low Inventory list

One feature that Imonggo subscribers always ask is an inventory alert feature, which should notify users when an item’s quantity is going low and they need to re-order. The new Low Inventory list is the first step towards achieving this … Read More

How to Deactivate Products

Do you have thousands of items, but only sell a few of them because most are already out-of-stock or off-season? When you search for items in Store, do you get annoyed that even the items that you are not carrying … Read More

How to clean up your store after a busy holiday

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4 ways to drive traffic to your store this holiday season

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Compete or Differentiate: What works best for your business?

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Top retail trends of the future

The chief executive of the Institute of Grocery Distribution, Joanne Denney-Finch, gave a talk entitled, “Forward Thinking: Trends that Shape the Future of Retail”, in the 17th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition held in Manila, Philippines last October 28-30, 2015. … Read More

The importance of travel retailing

An interesting study conducted just recently manifested that 96% of travelers relish shopping while visiting a foreign place, and 83% of them deem shopping as an important part of their trip. This is exactly the reason why travel retail is … Read More

Imonggo user search now available, plus one more!

Here in Imonggo, we make sure that the experience is as easy as possible. Customer experience should not be complicated, and we are constantly finding ways to help this be a great possibility for everyone. Case in fact: We have … Read More