//Imonggo Sales Dashboard comes to Android

Imonggo Sales Dashboard comes to Android

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2015 may be ending, but new features and improvements continue to augment your awesome Imonggo experience.

On August, we released Imonggo Sales Dashboard, a handy sales monitoring app for iPhones. After we released it, many of you have requested for an Android version.

We care about your comments, and we appreciate your support. This is why we are happy to announce that Imonggo Sales Dashboard is now available for Android devices. Click this link to download it now.

Imonggo Sales Dashboard is available for premium users. It is compatible with mobile phones that have Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich.

After logging in, you will see your daily, weekly and monthly sales data. Simple comparison is shown in beautiful graphs so you can easily understand how your business is doing.

For security, only managers and account owners can log in to the app. You are assured that your data is safe.

Imonggo Sales Dashboard will continue to add features for its succeeding versions. If you have requests for the Dashboard, please tell us in the comments. (MC)

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