How to check the total cost of your inventory

Imonggo allows you to check your store’s inventory quickly, and it is as easy as clicking a button. Now you can also check the total cost of all your on-hand items. Here’s how. 1. Go to Stockroom. 2. Click the … Read More

Customer conversion is your shot to business growth

Imagine your sales floor swarming with people. A middle-aged man is picking up an item from the shelf, and an older woman is examining one of your posters. You have every reason to be delighted with this scenario, if not … Read More

How to print invoices using a POS printer

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How to make millennials work for you

Millennials are the new gems in the workplace. Whatever industry they go to, they are sought for by many employers for their natural understanding of the digital age. Nonetheless, employers are challenged to attract and keep them because they seem … Read More

How to change your password in Imonggo

Passwords are important for authentication. When you change them regularly, you reduce the risk of someone else gaining access to your account. Changing your password every few months can keep you safe from hacking attempts and can ensure robust security … Read More

Why you need to have a business website

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Imonggo Sales Dashboard comes to Android

2015 may be ending, but new features and improvements continue to augment your awesome Imonggo experience. On August, we released Imonggo Sales Dashboard, a handy sales monitoring app for iPhones. After we released it, many of you have requested for … Read More

Why companies value millennials

The entire work industry is flooded by a whole new generation of workers. With the dawn of the technological era comes a wave of millennials ready to take over and reshape the traditional workplace. Companies around the world seek younger … Read More

Coming Soon: Imonggo for iPad

The wait is almost over. Imonggo, the world’s easiest point of sale (POS), will be available on iPad in just a couple of weeks. What’s the catch? Imonggo for iPad exhibits the same features of Imonggo for other mobile devices. … Read More