How to reduce toxicity in the workplace

Excellence has a price, but when the well-being of a person is compromised for the sake of perfection, it’s just not worth it. Ambitious companies sometimes pressure their employees to go beyond their limit and give what they don’t have. … Read More

Imonggo Sales Dashboard is coming to Android

A month ago, we released Imonggo Sales Dashboard, a handy app that lets Imonggo users view their sales data on their iPhones. The response was overwhelming. Hundreds of users have installed the app since then, and we’re happy that it … Read More

Five low-cost tips to protect your store from shoplifters

Believe it or not, there are business owners that think shoplifting is not a huge problem for their small stores. Some even think that shoplifters only target large stores. You might be one of these business owners. You might assume … Read More

How to add photo to an item

Imonggo is a user-friendly cloud POS that makes retail more exciting with its easy and flexible features. Designed for all kinds of users, Imonggo appeals to most retailers — from tech savvies to traditional enthusiasts alike. Selling is more fun … Read More

Call for beta testers: Imonggo + Xero integration

We are glad to announce that Imonggo’s integration with Xero is now ready. Xero is a popular accounting software for SMEs. Before the integration can officially be released, however, it needs to be tested thoroughly so we are sure that … Read More

What you need to know if you miss the EMV deadline

If you are processing credit cards through in Imonggo, then you may be aware that still does not have support for EMV. In fact, a Q&A on their website announces that it will only be available by the … Read More

How to change your currency in Imonggo

Imonggo is a web-based point of sale that serves thousands of users in 130 countries and territories. It is easily customizable to fit the needs of any business worldwide. Retailing may be a global phenomenon, but selling has differences from … Read More

Choosing the right loyalty program for your store

The backbone of the retail industry is the customer. A business is sure to thrive when it has a ready list of loyal patrons, and a prospect to acquire new ones. This is why businesses have to come up with … Read More

Top 3 reasons why SMEs have a hard time shifting to EMV

October 1 is the deadline of the liability shift concerning EMV chip card technology in the United States. Unlike before, businesses that are not supporting EMV (short for Europay, MasterCard and Visa) cards will now bear responsibility for any fraud … Read More

EMV Watch: What is EMV and the liability shift?

The impending shift to EMV technology is just around the corner. In this post, we hope to explain what EMV and the liability shift is, and what Imonggo is doing to prepare for it. What is EMV Technology? The increasing … Read More